Discussion about Deliveroo riders in the UK at FAU on 7 April 2017

We will be attending the discussion hosted by the trade union FAU and you can meet us there.

The debate will take place on April 7 at 8:30 pm at FAU Berlin at Grüntaler Straße 24, 13357 Berlin.

The debate is organised by Deliveroo  riders and organizers from the Bristol IWW and London IWGB – Birtish tarade unions.

As the organisers put it: “Behind the slick startup scene press releases is the real work of delivery and the harder work of demanding dignity and respect. The IWW and IWGB are part of a growing movement of unions formed and run by their members. The Berlin IWW and FAU are part of this movement too and we’re looking forward to hosting our fellow workers for this talk.”

Event on Facebook HERE

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