Critical Radio #2 – “Exploitation awards”

We did it AGAIN! Thanks to the powerful means of Radio No Border, the Critical Workers broadcasted the second Critical Radio show (audio below).


This time we took a closer look at two awards: Deliveroo received the award for being the worst employer of the year by the Aktion-Arbeitsunrecht. Instead of a golden cup, Deliveroo won a strike of their employees on Friday 13. We interviewed a former Deliveroo rider in Berlin, now Deliverunion member, a Foodora rider also from Berlin and an italian activist. We examined the backgrounds as well as working conditions in Deliveroo and Foodora. We gave some updates about international struggles and analysed the situation together.

We also took a brief look to the Axel-Springer-Preis, the Prize for the Amazon-CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon is known for bad working conditions and union busting. More will come in the next radio show.

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Critical Radio#1 – Workers in the Universities

We did it! Thanks to the powerful means of Radio No Border, the Critical Workers broadcasted its first Critical Radio show (audio below).

In the cozy atmosphere of Fritto (wildenbruchstr 24) several people joined to drink some wine, eat panzerotti and listen to something that was middle way between an interview with guests and an info event. We liked the format of the open radio show and we’re going to do more.

Meanwhile you can listen to the one we recorded on the 22nd of March. A long interview with a member of TVStud (, an organization of student assistent struggling for a fair wage (but not only). A very interesting campaign we’ve been in touch with.

“With this open radio broadcast, the Critical Radio, hosted by RadioNoBorder we want to give precarious workers, which too often are being forgotten within the public debate, a voice. This time, we speak about the struggle of the precarious workers at the Berlin University. Many thousands of people are working in Berlin as student assistants and tutors. Their collective contract has been blocked for 17 years, their salaries are low and they often fulfil unpaid tasks. Since few months they decide that that is enough. The organize also with the help of the unions and they started a strike to get better working conditions, although the university management tries to scare and hinder them. We invited a comrade involved in this struggle since the beginning, who told us a bit how the struggle began and which are the future perspectives.”

Organize, fight, resist! Join the Critical Workers!

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Critical Radio -Thursday 22nd

We’ve been active for over a year now. We supported local struggles from food delivery couriers to call center workers. We are offering a monthly legal counsellig where we hear the most awful and interesting working situation. We are constantly analysing working conditions in Berlin trying to understand what’s going on and how we can bring people together.
Now we would like to introduce ourselves to others that might be interested.
On Thursday 22nd we will air a short radio program (thanks to Radio NoBorder) talking about what we do. Meanwhile there will be informal chat, drink and delicious food for you.

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Support local Stuggles – Todays demo: Riders and Stud. Hilfskräfte

There are two of the many struggles happening in town that we know and support since the beginning: the riders of Foodora and Deliveroo, and the Studentische Hilfskräfte.
Both have important events today, that we want to spread out as possible:

  • Bürorundgang über den Campus Mitte by the TVStud Berlin – at 15.00 Hausvogteiplatz 5 – FB Event
  • Fair bike repair solution now! by Deliverunion and FAU – at 14.30 Oranienburger Straße 70 – FB Event
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Next meetings

So… Critical Workers is still alive, we just forgot we have a blog.
Since January the meetings re-started regularly, in case you want to come and discuss about local struggles, legal issues or just hear what the group is doing.
Meetings will be every second wednesdays starting from the 24.01. After that 07.02, 21.02 and so on.
The dates of the legal counselling (with lawyer and translators) will be published soon.

See you soon.

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Next CriticalWorkers meeting 23 of May 2017 19:00

Join the CriticalWorkers at our next meeting on wednesday, 23 of May 2017 at 7 pm at ‘Fritto’, Wildenbruchstr. 24, Berlin-Treptow

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CriticalWorkers meeting May 10 h19

Join the CriticalWorkers at our next meeting on wednesday, 10 of May 2017 at 7 pm at ‘Fritto’, Wildenbruchstr. 24, Berlin-Treptow

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Arbeitskampf kennt keine Grenzen

There will be a rally in front of the “Mall of Berlin”, Leipziger Platz, on Saturday, 29 of May at 2 pm to support the romanian workers to get their pay.

Infos about the Kundgebung are HERE

Facebook event

We will join the event with other migrant groups and give some information.

See you there.

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Do-it-yourself International Conference

There will be  a congress ‘Selber machen’ in Berlin from 28. to 30. of May.

You can find the program HERE

We are part of the workshop of the group ‘Antifa Kritik & Klassenkampf’ from Frankfurt on Saturday, 29.5. at 12:30 in Bethanien .

Come and join us. It’s more than necessary to exchange our experiences.

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Join us at Critical Mass Berlin on 28 May 2017

Like the last time we as CriticalWorkers are going to join the Critical Mass event in Berlin on friday 28 of May. Will meet at 19:30 at Lausitzer Platz. See you there.

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