Call for solidarity with Wombats Hostel

Call for solidarity protest against employers’ arrogance, union busting and economic terrorism against employees at Wombat’s City Hostel!

The Berlin staff was the first in Germany to set up a works council in a hostel and to enforce a collective agreement. The owners Alexander Dimitriewicz and Marcus Praschinger want to close the well performing hostel out of pure retaliation. Quote from their own statement: “The Berlin hostel is economically successful, but we don’t want to work this way”.

Firstly, this is more of a sleight of hand than a real closure. A manoeuvre that serves to exchange unpopular employees.

Secondly, entrepreneurs who want to fire an entire workforce as a retaliation for demanding fundamental and human rights, act in an immoral manner and the expropriation of their property must be considered.

There are hostels in Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, London and soon also in Venice. At all locations guests will be informed about the terrorism of owners and management against the Berlin employees.

We call on trade unionists, civil rights activists and syndicates to protest and resist. Ya basta! That’s enough!

FB Event: HERE

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